Monday 10 October 2022


A 35-year-old Chipinge man is on the run after stabbing his wife four times in the chest and killing her on the spot over alleged infidelity.

Edmore Mandevere of Mukono Village, Chief Mapungwana stabbed Paida Madhochi (25) after labeling her a prostitute.

Manicaland Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the gruesome murder that happened on September 27, 2022.

Muzondo said on September 25, the two decided to visit their aunt Hariet Shupikai in Mwandifura Village, Chief Mutema for counseling over marital problems.

After counseling, Madhochi refused to go back to their matrimonial home and she slept over at Shupikai’s place. On September 27 at around midnight, Mandevere phoned his wife and told her to come and collect her belongings.

At around 230pm, Madhochi went back to her matrimonial home to collect her belongings in the company of Shupikai.

After packing her belongings, Mandevere shouted at Madhochi accusing her of being a prostitute. He drew a kitchen knife from his pocket and Shupikai turned and ran away.

Mandevere chased and caught up with her when she fell down. He stabbed her four times on the chest while Shupikai was watching. Madhochi died on the spot.

Mandevere fled the scene leaving the deceased lying on the ground.

Inspector Muzondo is appealing to members of the public who may have any information on the whereabouts of the suspect.

“The couple had done the right thing when they sought counseling from their aunt. They recognized the family institution for mediating in domestic disputes. According to our traditions, it’s the aunt’s role to do that.

“We are encouraging people with similar issues to exercise restraint when faced with high emotions.  Members of the public can call Police on 020 66637 or on my number 0773553148,” said Muzondo. Masvingo Mirror


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