Sunday 23 October 2022


Harare mayor Jacob Mafume has laughed off the latest government salary schedule, saying that he is now one of the country’s lowest-paid workers.

Mafume who labelled the allowances a “mockery” was reading the latest salary schedule for councillors at a full council meeting in the capital on Thursday last week.

Mafume is now earning $198 000 per month while his deputy is getting $127 000, committee chairpersons are getting $120 000 while councillors are getting $115 000.

“The government said I am now earning almost $198 000, a salary equal to a Mwenezi council chairman, my deputy is earning $127 027,47 while committee chairpersons are earning $120 98,68 while councillors are the least paid workers, getting $115 000,” Mafume said while reading a circular from the government.

Councillors turned to the gold dealer and Harare ward 21 Councillor Scott Sakupwanya to convert the salary into US dollars.

“Councillor Scott Sakupwanya how much is Mafume earning in USD,” councillors asked.

Sakupwanya laughed off the matter as he offered trucks to collect refuse in the capital.

Mafume also announced that there would be a full council meeting on refuse collection.

“We are going to have a special full council meeting early next week on refuse collection. We don’t have enough refuse trucks.

“Whenever I am walking on the streets, I am always asked when are we going to collect refuse. It is now a nightmare,” Mafume said.

Sakupwanya, however, said: “I will give you refuse trucks and that is why I won.”

The council has since suspended foreign trips for councillors and management to focus on service delivery. Newsday


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