Tuesday 4 October 2022


A GREATER Light Covenant Church overseer’s illicit affair, with a married congregant, has brought a dark cloud to the ministry.

Overseer Jonathan Nhundu stands accused of dating Margaret Muroto, the wife of one of his congregants, Tongesai Kanyongo.

Tongesai has been disrupting church services for some weeks now, describing the ministry as a house of adulterers.

Church leader Apostle Herbert Paul and Nhundu successfully applied for a peace order against Tongesai.

As a counter, Tongesai has since lodged a police report against Nhundu for threatening him with death.

When he was summoned to the Borrowdale Police Station, Nhundu went in the company of three senior police detectives, and was cautioned.

Tongesai told H-Metro Nhundu and Apostle Paul turned against him for exposing Nhundu’s shenanigans.

“Apostle Paul and Nhundu applied for a peace order barring me and my wife from attending church because Nhundu had been dating my wife,” said Tongesai.

“Nhundu is now threatening me with death for exposing his shenanigans and I have since lodged a police report against him,” he said.

Nhundu told H-Metro he did not threaten Tongesai with death.

“It is true that Tongesai is fighting with me over his wife and I threatened to deal with him,” said Nhundu.

“Handina kumboti ndinoda kumuuraya asi ndakati ndinoda kumunyudza.

“Our differences arose sometime after he suspected me of bedding his wife since they have had no child for the 14 years of their marriage.

“His wife was my friend and she used to tell me everything she faced in her marriage with Tongesai.

“I have some messages Margaret sent to me blaming me for not allowing her to have a lover who would give her children.

“I never asked to go out with Margaret as alleged, but I took her as someone close to my heart since she was sharing her marital issues with me.

“I went on to give Tongesai’s wife US$370 for medication to conceive.

“She asked me to name her unborn babies as a way of faith in God that she would have children.

“Tongesai disrupted church services accusing me, and the whole leadership of adultery, and I made sure he would not access our visionary Apostle Paul and that is where my differences with him started.

“He wants me to pay him since I bought a new car for Apostle Paul and I am the one paying for his rentals so he is after extorting me by bringing false allegations,” said Nhundu.

Apostle Paul said the two’s differences had affected the faith of some of the members.

“Tongesai is up against the ministry following his differences with Overseer Nhundu,” said Apostle Paul.

“He is accusing him of sending love messages to his wife, Margaret, and we are yet to find the truth about it.

“I appointed Tongesai to a pastoral position, but this issue has disturbed members’ faith in God and we successfully applied for a peace order against him,” said Apostle Paul.



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