Friday 14 October 2022


A MUTARE woman left her matrimonial home because of her husband’s erectile dysfunction.

Christina Kanyadza appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, applying for a protection order against her husband, Shepherd Mazaiwana, whom she claimed was insecure due to his weakness in bed.

Kanyadza said her husband felt that since they were no longer being intimate, she was having extra marital affairs.

She said Mazaiwana used to sexually abuse her by forcing himself on her.

“He works out of town and when he came back home every Friday, he would try to be intimate with me, even without an erection. He says since we are not being intimate, I am getting gratification from somewhere else,” said Kanyadza.

She said she ended up vacating her matrimonial home because of her husband’s endless insults.

“Since October 2 when I applied for a protection order, I have not had peace in my matrimonial home. I had to leave the house. He is staying alone in Hobhouse, while I stay in Dangamvura near my workplace,” said Kanyadza.

In response, Mazaiwana admitted that his erectile dysfunction was the source of their conflict. He added that due to his problem, his wife no longer respects him.

“Every time we have a marital problem, she insults me, saying I do not deserve to call myself a man as I am a failure in bed. She also says that she made a grave mistake by marrying me,” said Mazaiwana.

He said his condition has been treated, although Kanyadza does not believe him.

“I managed to get a cure for my erectile problem, but every Friday when I come back home from work for the weekend, she does not want to be intimate with me,” he said.

He also said Kanyadza left home because of the debts she had accumulated.

However, Kanyadza said the debts accumulated as a result of her husband’s irresponsible behaviour as she is the family’s sole provider.

“I was living like a widow while my husband was alive. In 2012, he said since I was now gainfully employed I should take care of the children. I have a child enrolled at university and I am footing all the expenses. I also do the same for the other two children,” said Kanyadza.

She added: “Recently he tried to burn us alive by opening the gas tank while the children were asleep. This happened as I was bathing. I smelt the gas and rushed to the bedroom naked, only to see him holding a lighter. He said he is a dead man walking, so he wanted to wipe off the whole family.”

Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Kanyadza’s favour. Manica Post




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