Monday 10 October 2022


SOCILIATE and comedienne Tarisai “Madam Boss” Chikocho and her husband are selling the “defiled” Seke house, H-Metro has established.

The sale of the house, located in Seke, where Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa accommodated Evangelista Ngonidzashe Zhou, without Madam Boss’ blessing, could leave the pregnant lover homeless.

Ngoni has, however, promised Evangelista alternative accommodation.

“Ndakutengesa stand iyoyo ndiite zvimwe totsvaga pamwe pekuti ugare panemvura,” reads part of messages sent by Ngoni to Evangelista.

In her reply, Evangelista urged Ngoni to be strong.

“But try to be strong Ngoni ndinoziva wakaremerwa, tese takaremerwa, but iwe ukadaro ndozoita sei?

“Munoita zvakakusunungukirai henyu matowana munhu wacho arikuida here?”

Evangelista vowed not to leave the Seke house and this could have forced Madam Boss and Ngoni to put it up for sale.

Sources close to Evangelista disclosed that one Seke resident informed Madam Boss about the former’s stay at the house, which led to the clash.

Reports claimed Madam Boss took her Mercedes Benz from Ngoni.

It has also been reported that Ngoni has also been staying with his parents since the clash last week, which exposed his shenanigans.

One of Ngoni’s sisters told H-Metro that Ngoni failed to swallow his pride.

“I hope Ngoni will come to his senses and swallow his pride and seek forgiveness.

“Madam Boss is loving and had been a family pillar of strength that we cannot allow the devil to wreck this marriage.

“Ngoni made a mistake of stooping low to bed Evangelista, overlooking Madam Boss’ family position, motherhood and international status.

“We will not tolerate Evangelista at all and that is why we wanted her to be evicted from the house.

“Ngoni failed us as a family.”

In a family meeting, Ngoni said Evangelista could pay rentals to the new house owner once they get one. H Metro


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