Saturday 15 October 2022


Jamwanda on Saturday

Thursday issue of The Daily News ran a story on Triple C’s plans to unveil formal structures before next year’s harmonised general elections. The story is attributed to one David Coltart, the ex-Rhodesian policeman who turned to studying law in apartheid South Africa, in the dying days of Rhodesia.

Whatever the political consequences on Triple C, Coltart is to be admired for his impolitic sense of candour, including exposing and confirming Chamisa’s vulnerabilities or soft underbelly. All along, the CCC line of the day was that the thing would not have structures, would not have a constitution, would not hold congress and, above all, would have a “levelled” leadership in which Chamisa and his coterie of darlings tower above the rest, and combine all functions of running the outfit!

The reason given is that of fear of infiltration by Zanu-PF. Functionally, this levelled leadership has reduced to Chamisa himself at the zenith, with Fadzai Mahere and young Ostellos just below and in tow. You also have Advocate Fulcrum Mpofu and Hopewell Chin’ono who swear do not belong to the party, dutifully hovering, as if in search of carrion.

There was no talk of transition which Coltart now mentions; there was no talk of party structures or of a constitution, both straitjackets Chamisa is best without.

Not even a congress whose outcome would diminish Chamisa’s glory, both by being the body supremely above, and by being the author of structuring resolutions which would reduce scope for running Triple C by whim and caprice.

ED, don’t leave me behind!

It now makes sense for embittered Mhofu Hwende – who all along thought he was the secretary general — to plead with the President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF — a rival party — to live true to its mantra of “leaving no person and place behind”.

Of course when Hwende made this plea in Kadoma, he creatively gave Zanu-PF’s mantra a new twist: leaving no party-less person behind. It was a plaintive cry of the stressed, a plea for notice and rescue. I hope ED has the heart to come to Hwende’s rescue!

Structures for GoFundMe

Coltart’s bout of candour took us further. He added: “…let me just stress that we are working towards setting up those structures because they are critical towards raising the necessary funds in the run-up to the election. When we get closer to the election, there will be more formal structures set up which will enable people to donate.

In the run-up to the election, obviously the costs will dramatically escalate and we’re going to need our supporters within Zimbabwe and right across the world to donate generously hence there must be structures”, including a bank account which is “specifically designed for the elections-related expenditure.” This is decidedly loaded!

The sponsors have spoken

First, it neatly harkens to Stephen Chan, himself a human deep-stick by which the British Establishment gauges likely electoral outcomes here, Chan’s excoriation, call and exhortation to Chamisa to stop behaving like a schoolboy. Chan, and through him the British, want Chamisa to justify the stupendous investments on him; he has to exhibit serious behaviour of an opposition ready to govern; a serious opposition with solid structures, and instruments of proper constitution, indeed a serious opposition properly manned by shadow figures available for appraisal and endorsement by the sponsoring and handling West. Herald


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