Monday 12 September 2022


A GLEN View woman gave revellers a free porn show on Saturday evening when she stripped during a musical show at Werras Sports Bar.

She said she was protesting against the decision by her boyfriend to ditch her.

The woman, only identified as Martha, stripped and danced on stage.

Martha told H-Metro that she was stressed.

“I am bored; I was ditched by my boyfriend who didn’t attend the bash.

“I know I am undressing myself and I am inviting everyone to come and have quality time with me.

“I am not drunk, it is stress. Others are enjoying and I am alone,” she said.

Witnesses insisted Martha was still learning to drink beer and was under the influence of alcohol.

A man, who identified himself only as Takudzwa, said:

“I know this girl, she was drinking a lot of illicit beers, mixing with some ciders.

“Instead of enjoying this bash organised by Werras Park management, she is now performing,” he said.

“How can people attempt to cast a demon out of her when she is not possessed?

“Tumbwa utwu and some mental health issues.”

A woman, identified only as Linda, said: “Haa pakaipa kuuya kuzoumburuka kuno ku gig kuita chigure kudaro tsvee kutsvaga mari.

“I tried to stop her asi musikana wacho ane rimwe zipower kuita seakagarwa nambuya.

“I fear she will be raped if she continues to strip like this.

“Maghetto youths aonerera nhasi, probably that was influenced by the artist known, as Young Fantan, who performed insisting that he can remove his clothes on stage,” she said.

She was latter whisked away by her brother, who was disappointed by her conduct. “Yes, I am her brother and I am greatly disappointed because I am no longer enjoying the bash.

“I fear that my sister will be abused.

“She also opened the car of people who were enjoying quality time and almost caused another scene,” he said.

Top artists – Seh Calaz and Baba Harare – performed at the event, which coincided with music producer Cymplex’s fifth anniversary celebration, in the industry. H Metro


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