Wednesday 7 September 2022


GOSPEL sensation, Sabastian Magacha, claims he is a victim of cyberbullying.

The singer says his dress code and energetic performances have earned him names.

He claims some of the social media bullies were now calling him gay, owing to his dress code.

He also revealed he has been labelled a drug addict because of the energy he exudes on stage.

Below an extract from the damning message he posted on his Facebook page:

“Handina kumboziva hangu kuti mapfekero angu akashata uyezve kuti ndatovangochani nekudakwe hembe dzangu.

“Handina kumboziva kuti energy yandinayo nekufara kwandinoyita zvirikureva kuti ndakuyita zvema drugs, mbanje,etc.

“All I ever wanted was and is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I know that I cannot be able to please everyone on this earth and I cannot expect to be loved by everyone.

“Even Jesus Christ had enemies, many were against him.

“As for me my mission is to please God,” he said.

Saba, as the award-winning star is fondly known, said he was disappointed with some Christians, who are demonising others.

“It looks like most of us Christians believe in gaining fame at the expense of demeaning other people.

“We are holding grudges, among ourselves as believers, because of our different denominations and beliefs.

“So, Mwari watirikunamata wacho ndeupi?

“That’s my worry.”

The Bhosvo hit-maker said he now embraces the so-called secular musicians, who have genuine love.

“Have you ever noticed the way secular musicians or drunkards embraced each other?

“Those (secular) musicians understand the importance of love and unity and that’s why there is progress in their genre in the music industry.

“But, look at us gospel musicians, there is a gap, actually they are not united.

“A lot of people asked me this question, why do I like to collaborate with secular musicians?

“Here is the answer – they are not complicated, they are not restricted and their decisions are not decided by pastors, prophets and spiritual fathers.

“They are just easy to work with and I will keep doing that.”

Saba has blamed social media for being toxic.

“Social media of today is full of people who are very toxic.

“This is the very reason why a lot of people are suffering from depression.

“Some are even going through mental health issues and others are committing suicides.

“Already people are stressed with different personal issues,” he said.

Despite the cyber attacks Saba said he would not throw in the towel.

“I just want to inform the public that I will not stop preaching the word of God.

“I hope my new album, I Am Favoured, will continue to minister to your lives,” he said. H Metro


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