Tuesday 6 September 2022


HELL hath no fury like Mai TT when she gets angry.

Especially, when the person tormenting her happens to be someone she wedded, under a blaze of expectations, not so long ago.

She now claims her estranged husband, Tinashe Maphosa, is a “PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL.”

According to Mai TT, Tinashe preys on women for financial gain.

After pouring her heart out in a recent post on social media in which she labelled Tinashe a conman and criminal who manipulates women for financial gain before dumping them, she spoke to H-Metro yesterday.

She told us the post on Facebook sought to raise awareness to save other women from becoming his victims.

Tinashe, according to Mai TT, was a smooth criminal who has allegedly perfected the art of planning his moves before striking to manipulate his victims.

“I am not seeking any help by sharing what Maphosa did to me and other women,” she told H-Metro.

“But, it’s for creating awareness so that I protect other women from falling into his trap.

“He is a conman who preys on women in the name of marriage, or a relationship, so that he can dupe them financially.

“He makes sure he does not get out of those relationships without something.

“He has blocked several people that he owes money.

“I realised that I was dealing with the worst person.

“A criminal who premeditates everything he wants to do before attacking his victim.

“He is even creating fake chats. Abusive men can pretend to be very nice just to manipulate women.”

Mai TT said she realised that social media stalwarts, Olinda and Zuva, were telling the truth when they came out in public that Maphosa once tried to lure them.

“I now believe Olinda and Zuva were telling the truth when they said Maphosa was once in their social media inboxes.

“I used to think that it was just about jealous, but now it has been revealed to me after this experience.

“Now, all the women he tricked like Chiedza Mavhangira are coming out sharing their experiences with him,” she said.

H-Metro could not get any response from Tinashe, who is based in the United States.

Mai TT claimed she splashed about US$100 000 for her wedding with Tinashe in April this year.

It was dubbed the Wedding of the Year and was graced by South African singer and actress, Kelly Khumalo.

However, just FIVE months down the line, it appears everything has come crashing down. H Metro


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