Monday 26 September 2022


A TEENAGE girl from Granary Phase 2 committed suicide after she was caught with a boyfriend in her parents’ house.

The 15-year-old, who was a student at Kuwadzana High 1, was only identified as Ruvarashe.

Reports are that she was caught by her brother, known as Bee, hiding her unidentified boyfriend under the bed. The unidentified boyfriend is said to be a Form Four student.

A close source revealed that Ruvarashe decided to stay home and spend time with her boyfriend, which later turned out to be a horrible experience for her.

The source said Ruvarashe was quite scared, after the incident, and contemplated suicide.

“The girl didn’t go to school on Thursday and decided to bring her boyfriend home.

“Her brother returned home earlier than she expected and, when she realised her brother was around, she hid her boyfriend under the bed.

“Her brother got suspicious when he noticed something unusual and started to search the cottage. He found the guy hiding under the bed,” said the source.

“Bee decided to lock Ruva and her boyfriend in the cottage and called his father who instructed him to take the boyfriend’s mobile phone and told him he would resolve it when he got home.

“After her boyfriend was set free and went home, Ruvarashe appeared shocked and feared what would happen when her father came back.

“She then decided to secretly go and buy rat poison.

“After sometime, Ruvarashe started to vomit and was asked what had happened, and said that she had only licked the rat poison pill.

“She was rushed to hospital for medical help but she didn’t make it as Friday morning we heard the sad news that she had passed on.”

The source also revealed that Ruvarashe’s friend had also committed suicide, a few weeks ago, over a love relationship that had gone sour.

The source said Ruvarashe even told her close associates that she would see her dead friend, in a dream, calling her. H Metro


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