Friday 16 September 2022


GETTING it on with your lover at work can feel naughty, steamy, and hot but, it can also be a risky “affair” since there can be consequences if you are caught in the act.

In a rather strange incident, a randy male nurse at Mkwasine Clinic in Chiredzi District, Masvingo province was caught red-handed having sex with his married lover in one of the toilets at the health institution.

It is reported that the nurse, Nicholas Nyamupanedengu, called his married lover (name also supplied) who had visited a nearby school to collect her identification document when they decided to quench their sexual appetite in the toilet.

According to a source who requested strict anonymity, workers and patients were left shocked when the pair was busted grunting and groaning in the loo.

“It was an absolutely disgusting incident which left workers and patients who had visited the health institution utterly shocked. The pair was caught by a nurse aide who wanted to use the toilet.

“When she opened the toilet door she was horrified when she saw the pair busy in action and in the process the man was also groaning and grunting away. The outraged nurse aide later alerted the sister-in-charge,” said the source.

The source said after being busted while getting down and dirty in the toilet, the married woman bolted out half-naked and disappeared from the scene.

Contacted for comment, the seemingly shaky nurse in question said there were just rumours being spread by his enemies who were after tarnishing his image.

“I don’t know anything of that nature. It’s not true. I was also surprised when a friend of mine approached me with the same accusations saying people were talking about it. I suspect that the rumours are being spread by those who are after tarnishing my image,” he said.

He later passionately begged this reporter not to publish the story saying it was going to destroy his marriage and at the same time tarnish his image at work.

“Please don’t publish the story because it will wreck my marriage and as I speak things are not well in my marriage because of these accusations peddled against me. If published it will also affect my image at work. I am tired of being phoned by friends and relatives who want to know if it’s true. Please don’t publish it,” he repeatedly begged.

Quizzed on why people were busy phoning and asking him about the issue if there were just mere rumours, he growled before he threatened legal action saying:

“I will sue you if you publish the story. Whoever writes the story I will sue him or her,” he threatened.

When contacted for comment, sister-in-charge at Mkwasine Clinic Annah Mandizvo who initially asked the reporter where he got the story from as soon as the issue was raised later backtracked saying it was yet to reach her attention.

“Who told you this story? As for me it has not yet reached my attention. It’s news to me and I’m yet to get the details of what really transpired,” she said. B Metro


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