Friday 16 September 2022


A GREATER Light Covenant Ministries overseer left the Harare Civil Court in shame when he lost his bid for a peace order.

He is being accused of sending love messages to a church member.

The matter came to light when overseer, Jonathan Nhundu, and Apostle Herbert Paul, both applied for peace orders against two church members, Tongesai Kanyongo and Margaret Muroto.

The court heard that Tongesai and Margaret were allegedly disturbing their peace. Magistrate Rutendo Machingura granted Apostle Herbert’s peace order against Margaret and Tongesai.

“They must be stopped from coming to our church.

“For the past three weeks, Tongesai and Margaret have been disturbing the peace of the church,” said Apostle Herbert

“The two had a misunderstanding with the church’s overseer, Jonathan Nhundu, and they couldn’t settle the matter amicably because peace is not an option for these two.

“They have been coming to my church demanding everyone’s attention and causing confusion,” Apostle Herber said.

However, overseer Jonathan failed to convince magistrate Machingura, and his application was dismissed.

During the hearing, Tongesai and Margaret denied causing confusion in the church.

“Sometime last week, I went there and was welcomed by his wife who said I could no longer be the secretary and I was shocked,” Margaret said.

Tongesai said: “I saw love messages in my wife’s phone with the overseer asking my wife out, but she refused.

“The apostle admitted to me that Jonathan was the one paying his rentals so he ordered me to stop talking about the issue.” H Metro


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