Friday 9 September 2022


COMEDIENNE Mai TT says she set alight her US$6 000 wedding gown as part of her adjustment to the collapse of her marriage to Tinashe Maphosa.

Born Felistas Murata, the mother of two, said the torching of the  gown was significant as she charts a new path in her life.

In an interview with H-Metro yesterday, Mai TT said her tears will not fall in vain.

“I can never sell my pain to anyone,” said the outspoken actress. I did my prayers and wiped my tears with that gown, which is symbolic that not everything is meant to be sold.

“This is a personal matter and I’m expecting answers from it. Nobody influences me, I influence myself and my tears never fall in vain. No amount can pay back the pain of betrayal.

“That gown will be my contact.”

Mai TT’s wedding ceremony made headlines in April after she claimed she splashed about US$100 000 for the event.

However, problems started shortly after the wedding as Mai TT started exposing Tinashe as a fraudster and liar.

Tinashe, according to Mai TT, is a smooth and shrewd criminal, who has perfected the art of planning his moves, before striking to manipulate his victims.

“I bought my gown for US$6000. I will be better when the answer is returned to me. I’ve burnt it in public and the answer will return where I burnt it from. I have cried for nothing and that’s all I can say,” she said. H Metro


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