Friday 2 September 2022


A man from Njube suburb committed suicide after he allegedly stumbled on nudes on his wife’s phone.

Tinashe Moyo (43) and his wife Simangaliso Ndlovu (29) were at their home when the startling images came to his attention. While they were in the bedroom, Moyo asked to use his wife’s phone to make a WhatsApp call and she hesitantly handed it over to him, the insider said.

Her actions made him suspicious.

While he was clutching the gadget, an image popped up on his wife’s phone. He viewed it and was left shocked after seeing that it was a nude from a mystery man.

After that a heated argument ensued between the pair as Moyo quizzed his wife about the picture but his wife professed ignorance about it but more revelations were yet to unfold.

“He got shocked when he saw many nude pictures on his wife’s phone which she had exchanged with her secret lover,” the insider said.

He quizzed her about the raunchy pictures and his wife ended up confessing that she cheated on him.

Moyo left home for a binge and returned later in the night. He found his wife sleeping and headed to a tree in the yard and hung himself with a rope. Ndlovu saw his lifeless body hanging from a tree the next morning.

She informed neighbours who then called the police.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and urged community members to seek counselling from relatives, friends, pastors or police’s Victim Friendly Unit. B Metro


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