Tuesday 13 September 2022


Children of the late veteran actress Rhoda Mtembe popularly known as Mai Sorobhi who died on yesterday at a local hospital are appealing for financial assistance to clear the outstanding bill at the hospital and other funeral-related expenses.

In an interview, Mai Sorobhi’s daughter Ms Martha Mtembe told Herald Arts today that they are looking for money to clear off the debt at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, formerly known as Harare Central Hospital.

“Right now, I am at Harare Central Hospital where we are facilitating paperwork for her burial but we are stranded. We have been told to pay the hospital bill amounting to RTGS $35 000,” she said.

She said they were in need of food and transport to ferry mourners to the cemetery.

“Those who can assist us to meet the funeral costs, please do help us. We do not have enough resources. There is insufficient food right now to cater for the mourners and we do not have money to hire transport to will ferry people to the cemetery.

“My brother-in-law has bought the coffin, so that is sorted,” she said. Herald



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