Wednesday 21 September 2022


A LOCAL medical doctor has clashed with his second wife over paternity and support of two children.

Dr Amon Makoni and his second wife, Fadzai Mushayabasa, have been dragging each other to the police. A video of Fadzai and Dr Makoni clashing over the matter is in the hands of H Metro. Interestingly, both ended up withdrawing their cases.

Fadzai told H-Metro that Dr Makoni has been refusing to provide for their two children, arguing that he was not their biological father.

She once approached the Harare Civil Court for maintenance, but withdrew the case after Dr Makoni agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

However, the disagreements exploded again when Dr Makoni was reported to have refused to go for DNA tests.

Dr Makoni confirmed his differences with Fadzai, describing her as a liar and fraudster.

“I do not know why Fadzai is after fighting me through the media, when her father pleaded with me to settle our differences amicably?” said Dr Makoni.

“Fadzai went to Karoi where she was impregnated and came to steal my US$36 000.

“She disappeared and went outside the country where she ended up asking me to pay for maternity fees.

“Akazonditi ndakuzvarira mwana ndikabva ndaenda kunomuroora.

“The two children, she claims are mine, is not a true story.

“I lodged a fraud case against Fadzai but her father pleaded with me to resolve the matter amicably.

“I spared her from being detained in police holding cells.

“Fadzai told me that she was going to look after the kids alone and she went to South Africa.

“This matter must be dealt with before courts of law and not through the media,” said Dr Makoni.

Fadzai told H-Metro that the fraud case, lodged by Dr Makoni, was a plot to delay the maintenance case she was pursuing.

“Doctor vakandimitisa ndikaita vana navo, two boys asi ini ndainge ndine wangu,” said Fadzai.

“He is refusing to look after the kids and making false accusations against me as a way of delaying the maintenance I applied for.

“Dr Makoni’s claims that I stole his US$36000 were malicious and meant to threaten me from lodging my case against him.

“He abused me and wanted to recover the money he paid for lobola by making false allegations against me.

“I was 18 years by that time, I could not steal such an amount of money uye mari iyi aichengetera pai?

“I feel abused and am seeking for justice for my children who are being denied access to education and the love of both parents,” said Fadzai. H Metro


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