Thursday 29 September 2022


THE traumatic experience, which a Marondera family was subjected to during an armed robbery, in which their father was killed, has been revealed.

Businessman Lucas Chimoka was killed during that robbery after being speared by one of the thugs who attacked his home.

Stories of bravery, including one in which a resident at the house fought back before the robbers overpowered him, have emerged.

Yesterday, the robbers briefly appeared in court where police successfully applied to further detain them, before they are formally placed on remand.

Josephat Muchenje, Bright Magodhi, Crispen Kado, Felix Dapi, Taenda Mudzangairi, Elias Muchipuwa and Jeremiah Tafirenyika appeared briefly at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

Some of the suspects at court.

A warrant for further detention was granted to allow police to finalise their investigations before they are placed on remand.

They will be back in court tomorrow after the finalisation of investigations.

Circumstances are that Chimoka and his family went to bed on September 22. The following morning, at around 2am, the gang scaled over a precast security wall and gained entry into his premises.

The gang used an unknown object to break into the house, through the kitchen door.

Other gang members went to other rooms, while two went to the main bedroom where Chimoka and his wife were sleeping.

One was wearing a balaclava and armed with a spear, while the other had an unknown pistol.

The duo woke up the couple and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t give them money.

The couple cried for help and Chimoka’s wife, Miriam, handed over US$7 900 to the robbers.

One of the robbers then stabbed Chimoka on the left side of the chest, just above the nipple, with a sharp object.

Joseph Chigodora, who was asleep in one of the spare bedrooms with his wife Audrey Chari, was woken up by the noise from the main bedroom.

When Chigodora went to investigate, he was intercepted by one of the robbers and a scuffle ensued in the dining room.

Chigodora overpowered the robber and smashed his head against the wall resulting in him sustaining injuries, prompting him to call for help.

Three other robbers came to his rescue and assaulted Chigodora, using unknown objects, inflicting head and back injuries.

The maid also heard the commotion and opened her door to check what was happening.

But, the spear-wielding robber and the one armed with the pistol, ordered her to return to her bedroom.

They ransacked her bedroom and stole her phone and US$10.

Chimoka’s daughter Memory, also heard the noise, and rushed to the main bedroom where she found her mother tied up with shoelaces.

Her mother warned her a robbery was in progress and she returned to her room.

Memory sent an SOS in the family’s WhatsApp group but, by the time help arrived, the robbers had left.

One of the arrested robbers is a policeman on suspension, who was stationed at Rhodesville Police Station.

Pardon Dziva appeared for the State. H Metro


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