Thursday 8 September 2022


A SUSPECTED cougar has clashed with her ex-boyfriend accusing him of milking her.

Otilia Dzerori claims her former lover, Givemore Kurakumire, who started off as a personal driver, was of a violent nature.

She also applied for a protection order against him. However, the application was thrown out by Harare Civil Court magistrate, Rutendo Machingura, for lack of merit.

During the hearing, Otilia claimed she was used and dumped by Givemore.

“When he first approached me, he said he was a driver and I offered him the job.

“We then became lovers and cohabited before he borrowed my brand new car to use as a pirate taxi.

“Givemore was only after my property to the extent that he used me as we had bouts of unprotected sex under my roof.

“Your worship, I want him barred from coming to my place of residence.

“We were staying together, as I indicated, but he has since left to stay in Glen Norah at his family house.

“He always calls me threatening to beat me up.”

In response, Givemore disputed the allegations.

“She has been my boss since September last year when I came into her life as her personal driver.

“We fell in love when she gave me a job.

“She then promised to sell me the car, in which I was supposed to pay instalments, under the ‘rent to buy’ scheme.

“The reason she made this application is that she wants to reverse the deal.

“All along, I have been staying at my parents’ house and I only visit her,” said Givemore. H Metro


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