Thursday 1 September 2022


INTRATEK Zimbabwe managing director, Wicknell Chivayo, is expected in court today for trial in the fraud case he is accused of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company of over US$5 million, in the Gwanda Solar Project.

The State is alleging Chivayo misused the money, meant for preliminary stages of the Gwanda Solar Project, by buying cars and air tickets.

He was summoned to court after the State successfully appealed against the High Court decision, clearing Chivayo of a criminal offence, in the deal.

The matter was taken on appeal after Justice Owen Tagu found him not guilty, ruling that the disagreement between the parties was a civil matter, and urged ZPC to seek relief in the relevant courts.

A three-judge panel at the Supreme Court – Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza, Justice Rita Makarau and Justice Susan Mavangira, however, unanimously upheld ZPC’s appeal.

Justice Makarau, writing the judgment for the panel, said the High Court erred in interfering with the unterminated criminal proceedings which were before magistrate Lazini Ncube and ruled that the fraud trial must proceed. H Metro


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