Saturday 10 September 2022


AUTHORITIES at Mazowe Boys High School have come under fire from parents for allegedly denying their children access to hostels without paying a US$20 donation.

In chats, circulating on social media, the parents are complaining over the “donations”.

However, Mazowe High headmaster, Thompson Katanda, dismissed the allegations.

“All students enrolled at our school are learning, even those who didn’t fully pay their fees.

“We have accommodated them and no child has been evicted.

“I am not even aware about teacher incentive issues and complaints raised.

“I can conclude that there was no such conduct,” he said.

But, a parent with a son at the school, insisted they were being forced to pay a donation of US$20 to cushion teachers.

 “The school has a desk in front of the administration building which was being used to collect the US$20 donation.

“Many parents were shocked by the school’s conduct as it prioritised teachers’ incentives above its core business of teaching.

“The school disguised the money as a mission fund,” said the parent.

Another parent was riled by the school’s conduct.

“I am greatly disappointed that my child was embarrassed, for a donation, which the school never communicated to us.

“I am going to take every necessary step and knock every door for correctional measures.”

Another parent, who also preferred anonymity added:

“To make matters worse, another  WhatsApp group called ‘Mission Fund’ was created and the condition for one to be admitted was to pay the donation.

“Now, parents fear that important information may be communicated via that group.” H Metro


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