Friday 23 September 2022


THE Mabaisa twins, Violet and Jester, who are famous for wearing matching outfits and similar clothes, will celebrate their birthday in style this year with award-winning ensemble Iyasa being the headline act at their bash.

 Trevor Kaitse is organising the birthday celebrations which will be themed “Friends of Mabaisa”. The event for the twins who are clocking 70 on October 11 will be held at True Elegance restaurant.

 Excitement is the order of the day in the Mabaisa home as the twins are so eager for their birthday celebration. This time around it’s being celebrated by not only their family members but selected people of Bulawayo will be privileged to share with them their special day.

 The older these golden girls get the more they resemble each from the way they pose to the way they walk.

 Their anticipated big celebration is scheduled for October 15. It has taken social media by storm and is the talk of the town.

 Violet and Jester’s fame begun in Number 6 Phelandaba where they grew up. They were well known for their identical features and they always caused a stir with their synced postures and gestures.

 The twins told Chronicle Showbiz that they get sick when they are distant from each other.

 “We never do things separately, if we are too distant from each other we get sick. I remember one time I went to work in Botswana and I left my sister Jester behind. Before long I fell sick, it was really bad such that I had to come home. When I got here, I found Jester sick as well, ironically with the same sickness. It just registered to us what the real cause of our sickness was. Since then we have never separated or even thought about it,” Violet said.

 She said they used to confuse teachers and other students when they were growing up as they failed to tell the apart.

 “We were brought up by our father at Kezi village along with our siblings. Our home was a peaceful one filled with warmth and care. Since birth we have always been identical, at school we would confuse teachers and other students as they never identified our differences. Only the people at home would always know who is who except for our eldest brother who to this day cannot differentiate us.

 “Because of our love for each other we managed to pass that bond to our children. Harmony and peace fill our home from when they were growing up till today. They have also learned that we are one family and they have two mothers. We had four children, one passed away,” she said.

 Jester said they bought a semi-detached house in the 1980s so that they can live together.

 “We moved to Entumbane in 1981. We were lucky to get a semi-detached house which we never divided. We sleep in one bedroom and on the same bed, the rest of the rooms are for our children. We wear the same clothes and our children know that when they are buying, they are buying double. People love to give us gifts so when it happens that they buy things that are not identical we only wear them when we are not going together. When we are going together it’s a must to wear the same outfits, there are no two ways about it.

 “We also keep ourselves fit, our health is a priority. We walk from our home to the city centre and back. Lazing around is also not an option for us. We are into the chicken business right now. We have 150 layers, we sell the eggs and generate income,” she said.

 She said they cannot wait for their birthday.

 “We certainly cannot wait for the celebration. It is the greatest blessing for us to be still alive together. In most cases twins rarely reach our age together as a pair. It’s either one passes on or they separate and have their own families, it’s not in every case that they share the same bond as us hence we thank the Lord for granting us this rare blessing,” Jester said.

 Lubelihle Banda, the Friends of Mabaisa twins organising secretary said they saw it fit to fundraise for the twin’s birthday because of their uniqueness and also after realising that they are loved by many people.

 “It was an idea coined by Trevor Kaitse, who after talking to them learnt they are turning 70 this year. He then posted their picture on social media and captioned ‘how about we make their birthday special’ and the post was welcomed by many after it was reposted by Makhox Women’s League through Angie Phiri who also pledged to dress them for the party,” Banda said.

 She said their birthday celebration will be a red-carpet event.

 “Celebrations will be in style at True Elegance where a red-carpet event will be held. We have had tremendous response from corporates and individuals. The Iyasa group is set for a headline appearance, we are grateful for such a gesture,” she said.

 Banda said well-wishers are welcome to make contributions in money or in kind.

 “We invite everyone to be part of these celebrations as the twins turn a big 70. Those who wish to send money in Zimbabwe our account can do so at Empower Bank 91096603246. In South Africa Nedbank 1233677209. As for Ecocash, World Remit, Western Union and Mukuru you can send to Brandon Mwale on 0784 242 698. For more information they can get in touch with me on 0783 143 936,” Banda said. Chronicle


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