Monday 26 September 2022


A Harare man yesterday appeared in court facing six counts of fraud after he allegedly duped people of their hard-earned money on the pretext that he would train them as nurse aides.

Ngundu Zvirevo (52) appeared before Harare Magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi who remanded him in custody to tomorrow.

The court heard that on August 7, Zvirevo flighted an advert on a WhatsApp group purporting that he could assist people seeking nurse aide training at Government hospitals with attachment at those institutions.

The complainant became interested and contacted Zvirevo, who confirmed that he could help.

Zvirevo told the complainant to send cash through Mukuru money transfer agent and complied and she the deposited US$1 250.

He then confirmed receiving the money.

The complainant then tried to contact Zvirevo, but he became evasive leading to a report being made to the police.

On the second count, Zvirevo used the same method and defrauded Brenda Mubaiwa on August 11, resulting in her losing US$1 270.

On the third count, circumstances are that on September 19, Charity Muringisi was defrauded by Zvirevo using the same tactic and she suffered a loss of US$527 after sending money through Mukuru at the instigation of Zvirevo.

On the fourth count, the court heard that on August 10, Brian Masina was duped by Zvirevo of US$1 270 using the same way.

On the fifth count, the court heard that on August 9, attracted the attention of Rachel Dheka, again on a WhatsApp group, and made the complainant send US$1 250.

On the sixth count, Zvirevo allegedly defrauded Faith Murambiwa on July 11 through the same method and got away with US$1 250.

The total amount lost to Zvirevo is US$6 342 and nothing was recovered.

The court said Zvirevo had no right to defraud the complainants. Herald


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