Wednesday 31 August 2022


KUDZAI NYAKUTSIKWA, popularly known as Vlad Duk in his Johannesburg circles, has been accused of having led a ‘FAKE LIFE,’ which ended with him being hounded by loan sharks.

The businessman committed suicide here on Monday and sent shockwaves across the Jozi entertainment scene.

It has emerged, from those close to him, that he lived a life in the fast lane, which was built on heavy borrowing, from some loan sharks.

In the end, those who had handed him money were now hounding him, asking for their cash, and leaving him vulnerable.

Reports yesterday claimed things had become so bad he was now surviving on handouts from friends and family.

H-Metro interviewed members of his inner circle, who don’t want to be named, for fear of being branded betrayers.

Vlad first came into the limelight around 2010, when he started hosting all-white parties – some of which were covered by H-Metro.

He hosted high-end gigs, which drew the Who Is Who in the South African entertainment industry.

He was branded one of Joburg’s top “mbingas,” although he never publicly declared himself as one.

Instead, he was a very quiet and humble character, who enjoyed sipping his favourite whisky.

One of Vlad’s well-known friends told H-Metro that he had been in a very bad space lately, largely caused by financial and marital problems.

“I have known Vlad from way before the social media frenzy that came into his life. We used to hang out a lot back in the day,” she said.

“I feel he became a victim of social media pressure, as his life had taken a turn for the worst.

“We used to buy some of the labels that he used to wear, like Gucci, cheaply in downtown Joburg.”

She said Vlad’s business was crumbling and he owed a lot of people money.

“Only recently, he was reported to the police and was on the verge of being arrested for fraud.

“He would borrow different sums of money, from different people, and they would give him believing he was a real mbinga.

“He would even borrow money from loan sharks, who were now on his case. I never thought it would get to this.

“The last time we had a drink in Randburg, he was so distraught and resorted to heavy drinking.

“The other day he was so drunk that he even refused to go home and was crying. It is indeed a very sad ending,” said the friend.

Vlad was in his second marriage, after he divorced his first wife, with whom he sired two sons.

He had one child with his second wife.

“There are a lot of lies circulating on social media that he found his wife with a boyfriend.

“That is far from the truth. Vlad was in a financial mess and was now unable to pay rent.

“He moved in with his brother, who stays in Jules, near the Joburg CBD.

“Yes, like in any marriage, couples fight and indeed he would have occasional nasty fights with Jane.

“I hope she will tell the world more,” said the friend.

The friend claimed Jane has Vlad’s suicide letter, which his family are still waiting for.

Details of how he died are still sketchy.

It is suspected that he downed a pesticide in the precincts of Sandarama Lake near Rosettenville on Saturday night.

He had sent an SMS to his wife, informing her that he intended to kill himself.

She then alerted his friends on Sunday and they looked for him for the whole day.

His body was identified on Monday afternoon, at the Hillbrow Pathology Mortuary.

Burial arrangements are yet to be divulged as the family is still awaiting post-mortem results.

There was a war of words in the WhatsApp groups set up to mourn the social scene legend.

Some were blasting Vlad for portraying flamboyance when he was nowhere near being one of the true Rich Boys of Joburg.

Others sympathised with the family’s plight and are willing to contribute to ensure Vlad gets a decent burial. H Metro


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