Wednesday 17 August 2022


A HARARE man has been hauled to court for alleged fraud involving US$30 000 and R120 000.

Philemon Anesu Maruta (57) appeared before Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda and was put on remand pending finalisation of trial on the 27 October 2022.

The complainant is Faith Dizira Jeke (42) who is self employed.

The State represented by Anesu Chirenje alleges that, between April 23 2021 and September 31 2021 Harare CBD, Mrs Jeke gave US$30 000 to Philemon so that he could buy bulk sugar in South Africa to supply Metro Peach in Harare.

During the same period, Philemon had also been entrusted with R120 000 by the complainant for the purchase of a Toyota Fortuner motor vehicle on behalf of her.

 The accused intentionally converted the money to his own use.

Mrs Jeke made several demands for the money but Philemon kept on giving her empty promises, numerous excuses and eventually started ignoring her calls.

A report was subsequently made to the police by Mrs Jeke after realising that Philemon had failed to surrender the money to her.

 This led to the arrest of Philemon on August 15 2022.Total amount stolen is US$30 000 and R120 000 and nothing was recovered. The court said the accused had no lawful rights to commit this crime. Herald


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