Thursday 25 August 2022


AN artisanal miner from Hwedza severely bashed his wife with a log, leaving her with serious hand injuries, after he stumbled on love chats in her cellphone.

The man, only identified as Didymus, has not been arrested, as his wife Irene Chigoche did not make a police report, out of fear.

She confirmed to H-Metro that her decision to protect Didymus was out of fear of losing financial support.

Irene’s hands are likely to be amputated.

“Didymus discovered a love message from another man in my mobile phone and got angry with me,” said Irene.

 “He took a log from the fireplace and severely attacked me, leaving me with severe hand injuries.

 “At least, he preserved my life, so I did not make a police report against him because he is the one supporting me.

 “He is the one paying all my medical bills, but the doctor indicated to me that the injuries are permanent.

 “I don’t know if Didymus will continue to support me financially after I recover, or maybe, he is scared of going to prison,” she said.

Didymus could not be reached for his side of the story.

However, sources close to Irene disclosed that Didymus was very abusive and his wife was constantly living in fear. H Metro


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