Friday 26 August 2022


A SENATOR was yesterday humiliated by his third wife at a local hotel and at his surgery along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare.

Senator Tichinani Mavetera, who is also a medical doctor, clashed with his third wife, Vallaein Mutsotso, attracting the attention of scores of people.

The drama started at a local hotel with the two engaging in a shouting match.

Sen Mavetera tried to drive off to his surgery, but Vallaein blocked his car.

He eventually left, but Vallaein pursued him and even honked at other motorists to block his vehicle.

At the surgery, Sen Mavetera and Vallaein exchanged harsh words in front of patients and he rushed to Fife Avenue to engage the police.

Vallaein clashed with the cops, demanding that Sen Mavetera takes her to her rural home, and give her gupuro (a token of divorce).

“Murume uyu akandishandisa kwemakore mana achindishungurudza nekudanana netusikana.

“Nhasi uno akuti haachandida.

“He is very cruel and heartless,” said Vallaein.

She blocked Senator Mavetera from leaving his surgery and the police also failed to reason with her.

She is now seeking legal advice.

Sen Mavetera told H-Metro that his differences with Vallaein started on Wednesday night, but could not be drawn into disclosing what triggered their fallout.

“Vallaein is very violent as she wanted to assault me, but I have remained calm since yesterday,” said Senator Mavetera.

“We didn’t sleep last night and she said she is no longer interested in staying with me.

“I have tried in vain to solve our differences with the help of her relatives.

“She once threatened to commit suicide.

“Today, I called her relatives after she went wild, blocking my vehicle and those of our patients.

“She distracted some motorists from the hotel to the surgery.

“I have no other option except to return to our apartment to collect my belongings and leave her,” said Sen Mavetera. H Metro


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