Thursday 4 August 2022


Citizens Coalition for Change  will not be selecting candidates the traditional way, spokesman, Fadzayi Mahere has said.

She said aspiring candidates will come from their communities. She did not elaborate how this will be done.

“President Nelson Chamisa, our change champion in chief is on record saying that our candidate selection process for 2023 elections is going to be a complete departure from the past, all the candidates are going to be selected by the communities they wish to represent. We are going to unveil when we are obviously closer to the time that we are going to launch the process by which it should be done.

“What we implore to the citizens is club in to the community candidate selection process, it’s no longer business as usual where a candidate is fostered upon a particular community people are going to choose for themselves and people are going to lead in terms of the criteria and we are doing consultations, we are looking at people who live in the community, with integrity, competent and a person who believes in the transformation agenda. The north star of CCC is the citizens because they are going to be at the centre of the decisions."


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