Sunday 7 August 2022


A suspected illegal foreign currency dealer commonly referred to as osiphatheleni in Bulawayo is lucky to be alive after he was shocked by a 5 000 kilovolt electric shocker (taser) by a robber who wanted to snatch a bag he believed contained money.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesman Inspector Abednico Ncube said police have arrested Thabo Mpofu from Emganwini in connection with the incident that happened on 3 August. He said on the day, Mpofu misrepresented himself and said he was looking for US dollars in exchange of R95 000. His friend then referred him to the complaint whose name was not divulged by police.

Insp Ncube said when the two met at Cimas Medical Centre in the Central Business District, Mpofu told the suspected siphatheleni that they should go upstairs to his offices to finalise the deal

“While they were in a lift, Thabo Mpofu shocked the complainant with a 5 000k volt electric shocker and he fell down. The accused tried to snatch a small bag presumed to be having the cash he wanted to be given and failed as the complainant held firm on his fortune,” he said.

Insp Ncube said when Mpofu realised that he was not going to win, he bolted out of the lift and took to his heels. However, the suspected siphatheleni gave chase at the same time calling for help from members of the public.

“Mpofu ran out of luck as members of the public apprehended him and meted out instant justice. The complainant called the police who attended the scene, arrested the accused and recovered the electric shocker.

“The accused is in custody helping police with investigations. We would like to appreciate members of the public for helping in the apprehension of the accused and hope they will remain vigilant and not be tricked by such conman,” he said. Sunday News


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