Friday 19 August 2022


IN a strange arrangement, a woman from Empumalanga suburb in Hwange, Matabeleland North province, is reportedly cohabiting with two men and sleeping with both of them on the same bed while ordering them to take turns to have sex with her.

The woman, only identified as NaEzy, is reportedly madly in love with Obey Mudimba and Alex Nyathi – with whom she shares one bed.

The practice is known as polyandry, a form of polygamy where a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time.

This by-and-large is not acceptable in Zimbabwe.

Mudimba reportedly left his family at Binga Business Centre to cohabit with NaEzy.

NaEzy reportedly met the two men at one of the nightclubs in the coal mining town where she was reportedly a regular.

It seems she has been torn between the two lovers and is unable to choose between them.

Narrating the development to B-Metro, a source said that NaEzy tricked both men, who were her boyfriends, to come and stay with her, adding that she allegedly stayed with the two men for months before her neighbours became aware of it.

The source said NaEzy chooses who to be intimate with on a particular day and no one goes out of the room and from the bed because he is not on duty.

“She has defied logic by staying with two men under the same roof.

She is like the central referee and she orders both men to sleep on the same bed while taking turns to have sex with her.

Both men, who reportedly sleep side-by-side, respect each other and it seems they have learnt to live with the fact that they share one woman.

“It’s really a ridiculous situation and it’s not our culture that a woman cohabits with two men. It seems she used some concoction to pacify her two men.

Imagine waiting for another man to have sex while you are salivating for your turn to come,” said the source.

Adds the source: “It took long for neighbours to discover that she was cohabiting with the two men since she frequents nightclubs and brings different men home.

“They thought they were her regular clients who were taking turns to visit her until her friend, who found her sleeping with two men on the same bed, revealed the matter to her neighbours”.

Although the two men were not reachable for comment, the woman who answered the phone and initially claimed it was NaEzy later said it was the wrong number after this reporter introduced himself. B Metro


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