Thursday 25 August 2022


A self-proclaimed apostle from Montgomery in Bulawayo has appeared in court for stealing a cellphone. Presiding over the case, Bulawayo magistrate Busani Sibanda sentenced Somgoro Nkomo to 12 months in prison. Six months were suspended on the condition that he does not commit a similar crime in the next five years.

The other six months were suspended on the condition that he completes 210 hours of community service at Cement Siding Police Station.

When asked the reason why he committed the offence he said he wanted to raise money for his pregnant wife. The court heard that on 13 June 2022, and at around 5am, Yolanda Nyoni and Nkomo boarded a commuter omnibus from Cement Siding to town, and they occupied the front seat.

Nkomo then introduced himself as Apostle Dennis and preached the word of God while Nyoni was busy on her cellphone. When they arrived in town, Nyoni then put her cellphone in her bag before disembarking along Jason Moyo Street between 3rd and 4th avenue. She then discovered that her phone had been stolen and alerted her sister Sylvia Chuma.

Nkomo’s number then showed on Sylvia’s tracking device on the same day. On 2 July 2022, Nyoni called Nkomo asking him to bring back her stolen Samsung S6 edge phone but he then sold it to Nixon Mutimba. Mutimba was contacted, and indicated that he bought the cellphone from Nkomo. This led to his arrest, and the cellphone worth $245 000 was recovered. B Metro


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