Monday 4 July 2022


A TYNWALD woman hired three men to remove a door, gate, pre-cast wall panels and an electricity prepaid meter box to force a tenant out of her relative’s house in Sunningdale 1.

Jacqueline Ruwende, a caretaker at No. 19 Jegeser Street Sunningdale 1, left her tenant Justice Tsvaki and family exposed to the elements, after demanding that they leave the apartment for one named only as E. Phillips.

Justice, whose notice of three months was yet to lapse, lodged a police report against Jacqueline at Braeside Police Station, under CR179/06/22.

Justice further approached the Ministry of Housing and Social Amenities, seeking justice to take its course.

“My family has been left exposed to harsh weather elements and thieves after Jacqueline hired three men to remove the kitchen door, gate, electricity meter box and precast wall panels,” said Justice.

“She was watching and her car was blocking the entrance so as to block me from driving to the police.

“I have been here since November 2021, with a lease of six months, paying US$450 monthly.

“Jacqueline increased rentals to US$550, after six months, and refused to renew lease agreement arguing that she wanted us pay US$600.

“I complained about the other room she didn’t want to repair and that is when she gave us a notice in May.

“The notice lapses in August this year but she has already decided to force us out.

“Ndakazoudzwa nevavakidzani kuti Jacqueline anoisa vanhu pamba for six months only ovadzinga kana vasina kuwedzera mari nekuti imba ndeyehama yake inogara kunze kwenyika.

“She is very cruel indeed and she wants to see my children exposed to such harsh weather.

“One of the hired men stole my Huawei P10 cellphone as well.

“I approached the relevant Ministry and police for justice and the case is expected to be heard before the courts of law this Tuesday after Jacqueline defied the order to return the meter box and fix the panels, door and the gate she removed,” said Justice.

Jacqueline could not be reached for her side of the story.

However, the incident has attracted a number of Sunningdale 1 residents, with many appealing to Jacqueline to be considerate. H Metro


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