Wednesday 27 July 2022


A HARARE man is reportedly threatening to evict his wife from their matrimonial home for failing to conceive in the last 10 years.

Diana Paraffin applied for a protection order against her husband, Jacob Magombe, at the Harare Civil Court, for constantly threatening to evict her.

“We have been married for 10 years now and it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get pregnant, so now I am being tormented by him. Jacob physically and emotionally abuses me.

“He has called his sisters to evict me from our matrimonial home, which we built together, because I can’t give him a child.

“He refused to go for a fertility test so that we can both establish the truth.”

She added: “I have never heard that he impregnated anyone for the past 10 years and he could be the one with fertility problems.

“He told me to leave our house because he had found someone else and they are planning to have children.

“He tried to convince me to sell our house and share the money, but I refused.”

In his defence, Jacob denied all the allegations.

“I called my sisters to mediate over our differences because my wife doesn’t wash or cook for me and we act like strangers.

“She goes out of the house for days without telling me where she is going.”

The presiding magistrate granted the protection order in Diana’s favour. H Metro


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