Tuesday 26 July 2022



A BANKET teenager died at a base where drugs and other illicit substances are consumed.

Residents, who spoke to H-Metro, said tragedy struck on Sunday, following an altercation over a debt.

Tino Chazungaira, who was believed to be a regular customer for crystal methamphetamine known as guka in street lingo, met his fate after being severely assaulted by thugs.

It is alleged Tino was overpowered and killed during the fight, which drew the attention of residents.

“Tino Chazungaira was beaten to death by his peers at a house in Kuwadzana Township, Banket. It’s very sad that we have lost a young person who had so much potential.

“If only he had received counselling in time,” said one of the residents.

The resident said it was also high time the police stamp their authority and save the community from drug paddlers.

They said many young people were taking guka.

Another resident, who witnessed the fracas, said the four young men – aged between 18 to 21 – were involved in a fierce fight at the house, on the day in question.

“The four were fighting over what appeared to be a debt of an undisclosed amount of money, which the deceased owed for guka he had borrowed the previous day,” he said.

Neighbours said they thought it was just an ordinary fight.

“We heard the noise but we thought it was of no significance to us.

“We are used to these fights and we never thought it would have a tragic end,” said one of the neighbours.

Another witness, Joy Katura, said she saw three young men dragging the deceased into the house.

“They came holding him by the waist and bundled him into the house where they usually spend most of their time together as they take their drugs.

“Later, I heard the sounds of people fighting and shouting but I thought it was the usual antics, since this noise is usually heard when they are very high,” she said .

Katura said Tino’s body was only discovered around 5pm, after four people went to the base demanding a plastic tent stolen from them.

“The four people came claiming they were tipped that the ‘guka boys’ were the ones who stole their tent.

“As they argued with some of the guys, who were standing by the doorway trying to block them from entering the house, I arrived and forced my way into the house and saw Tino’s body with his trousers pulled to his ankles.

“I saw that he was dead and called for other neighbours, who called his father before a police report was made,” said Kapuka.

Tino’s body was taken to Banket District Hospital where a post-mortem was conducted.

Two suspects have since been arrested over the murder while one is on the run

Meanwhile, residents of Banket have challenged the police to flush out drug dealers in the farming community.

Zvimba Rural District Council Ward 22 Councillor, Never Hutepasi, urged the police to arrest those who were selling drugs to the youths.

“It is very unfortunate that we have lost a precious life due to things that are associated with drug abuse.

“To make matters worse, we know places where our children are being exposed to such evil deeds and our local police officers seem to be turning a blind eye,” he said.

In his address at Tino’s burial at Kuwadzana Cemetery, Hutepasi urged residents to unite and fight drug and substance abuse.

“I am appealing to residents to come together and fight this new cancer.

“We will continue to witness similar cases as a result of drug and substance abuse, which needs to be addressed,”he added.

He said he was going to engage the police over the issue of drug and alcohol abuse in Banket. H Metro


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