Friday 29 July 2022


THE Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency 2022 Population Census preliminary results are finally out, with the country’s second largest city grappling with more evidence that its citizens have lost the spark in the bedroom.

Although the results show that Zimbabwe’s population has increased by two million in 10 years, that is, from 13 million that was recorded in 2012 to 15 million which constitutes a 16 percent increase, it definitely reveals Bulawayo’s dwindling sex life.

The results show that Bulawayo’s population has increased to 665 940 from 653 337 in 2012 which is an increase by 12 603 people.

Tellingly, the share of people in Bulawayo apparently wanting to have sex without babies, has reached a record high, if the results are anything to go by.

Although B-Metro can’t establish the reasons behind Bulawayo’s dwindling bedroom habits, the results seem to suggest that most people in Bulawayo are in sexless marriage or partnership.

The results, however, elicited mixed reactions on Twitter with some disputing them while others said it was a concrete reflection of the city’s bedroom habits.

Wrote Mbongeni Ndlovu: “Iqiniso is asilamali so asizali. (The truth is we don’t have money so can’t have children) Mina I’m 33 with one child. Will have another isimo”.

Wamambo responded: “Mina ngile 4. The other question” izitabane kaziyandanga Na? (Are gays and lesbians not many this side?)

Jobe ka Matshana said: “Lesimo asisavumi ukuthi sizale nomakanjani. Ubondle ngani usubagcwalise umuzi? Kunzima bafethu” (The situation that we are facing right now doesn’t allow us to have children. If you give birth to so many children, what will you feed them with, when the economy is tough like this? Things are hard).

Pumpkin Escobar wrote: “They could be right… I mean almost every household in Bulawayo has an expatriate, especially in SA and Botswana.

Supported Butholezwe W Siziba: “Most of the young working force in SA and Bots. Ezindlini kusele the old folks who no longer have energy to work but with the way people are giving birth 12 000 sounds below par”.

Tau Tawengwa said: “People in Skies move a lot… To Botswana, RSA, even Harare. That stat could have been a casualty of migration (sic)”.

Past census results once left Bulawayo men outraged after they revealed that they were more reluctant to marry their partners, compared to other provinces. The report showed that 40 percent of marriageable people have never tied the knot in Bulawayo. The figure was way above the national average of 29 percent.

Commenting on the 2012 results, marriage counsellor, Reverend Paul Damasane, said the poor marriage rate in Bulawayo could not be discussed without referencing the economic situation in the province.

He said ‘the state of the economy in Bulawayo’ might explain the failure to commit with men unable to meet the demands of their high- maintenance girlfriends.

“The expectations of the Bulawayo woman are not being met by the non-committal Bulawayo man,” Rev Damasane told our sister paper The Chronicle. “As a result, some of the women would choose to be in weird situations with men from outside the city for the sake of survival”.

He bemoaned the destruction of the conventional family structure, adding that the church and social leaders needed to step in and deal effectively with the issue. B Metro



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