Tuesday 5 July 2022


A PARLIAMENTARIAN was yesterday arrested for gaining entry into his house, which he rents out, by scaling over the gate, to illegally evict his tenant in Glaudina.

Shakespeare Hamauswa parked his vehicle by the locked gate, and jumped into his house, accompanied by an unidentified man.

He is reported to have found his tenant, Pastor Yvonne Chipindu, taking a bath in the early hours of yesterday.

He is alleged to have removed Pastor Chipindu’s belongings from the house, arguing he wanted his son to stay in the house, with immediate effect.

Pastor Chipindu lodged a police report against Hamauswa, leading to his arrest.

He was taken to Dzivaresekwa Police Station, under RRB 5081754, where he was detained.

Pastor Chipindu told H-Metro she was not given notice to vacate the house she has been renting since November last year.

“Law is better said than done,” said Pastor Chipindu. “Hon Hamauswa is a guardian of law but he does not know how to handle his personal life.

“He never gave me notice of three months, according to law. His wife has been receiving my rentals since November and he came last week demanding the rentals.

“I realised that his wife has not been remitting all the money I was paying.

“Instead of the US$300 I was paying, Hon Hamauswa said his wife claimed I was paying US$270.

“Akauya akanditi mari wakupa inini saka pandakataudza mudzimai wavo akazviramba.

“Saka ndavakushungurudzirwa nyaya dzeanofanira kutambira rent.

“I do not refuse to leave their property but he is supposed to give me time to leave,” said Pastor Chipindu.

Hamauswa was reported to have removed Pastor Chipindu’s property and put it in one room. H Metro


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