Tuesday 19 July 2022


A HARARE man went on hunger strike in protest after his wife claimed $30 000 as child support for their three minor children.

This came to light when Judith Mpofu made the application against Gift Mushayachimwe at the Harare Civil Court.

Judith told the court that although the two lived as husband and wife, Gift was neglecting his responsibilities.

She claimed their marriage went from bad to worse after she applied for maintenance with Gift refusing to eat anything she cooked.

“My husband no longer eats the food that I cook and this only started after I applied for maintenance.

“He now prefers to have his meals at work, he only comes home with a loaf of bread and makes a cup of tea before sleeping,” she said.

In response Gift, who admitted to the claims, said he was only doing it to silence his partner.

“I have always been a responsible father, I buy food and support my children.

“I was surprised when I was served with her maintenance claim.

“I last bought groceries in November last year because they were in large quantities,” he told the court.

He also said he was paying for the minor children’s education.

However, when the magistrate Judith Taruvinga asked for evidence to support his claims, Gift failed to provide proof that he was a responsible father.

Magistrate Taruvinga ordered Gift to pay $25 000, effective July 30. H Metro



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