Saturday 4 June 2022


TWENTY-FOUR year old Silence Ali is filled with fear, anxiety and hope as he peeps through the window when he hears a knock on the door.

“I thought it’s our mother,” Silence said, showing his disappointment before asking the purpose of the news crew’s visit.

His sister Nyasha (26) was frozen in fear  as she covered herself with a blanket.

“I am scared, I don’t know if I am ever going to see my mother again,” she said while trying hard to fight tears flowing on her cheeks.

“I am living in fear, I no longer trust people anymore. I don’t know who is a friend or an enemy.

It’s two weeks since the disappearance of Moreblessing Ali, a 45-year-old mother of two from Chitungwiza and police have not made any arrest.

Ali is a Chitungwiza municipality employee and a well-known member of the Citizens Coalition for Change. She disappeared on May 10.

Her family said it is only hope, and faith that is keeping them strong.

“Honestly, we are frustrated with how the case is going. We feel the police are not doing enough.

“Local police stationed here in Nyatsime have not been helpful,” Silence said.

“We have turned to prophets; maybe we can get assistance there.”

On the fateful day, Ali was having drinks with a friend and neighbour Kirina Mariyoni at Chibhanguza shopping centre in Nyatsime.

“Our mother was in the company of Mariyoni at the club,” Silence added.

“She told us that at around 9pm, our mother went out of the pub and when she followed her, she saw her lying down being beaten by a man wearing yellow clothes and when she tried to intervene, the man pulled out a catapult.

“Mariyoni then fled back into the bar. That was the last time she says she saw our mother.”

At the time of her disappearance, Ali was staying alone in Nyatsime, while her two children lived in Seke.

“After our mother disappeared around 9pm, the neighbour only informed us the following day around 3pm,” Silence said.

“We had to force her to make a police report.

Silence said the person who was beating her mother before she disappeared was Pius Jamba who is related to Simbarashe Chisango, a Zanu PF district leader.

“Police interviewed Chisango who openly told them, ‘When you have failed to find her, come back and tell me, I will show you where she is.’

“Chisango is untouchable and the police cannot do anything to him,” he said.

When the family confronted the owner of Chibhanguza Bar, they were told that Ali was bundled into some vehicle, never to be seen again.

The family also tried to engage Chisango to no avail.

“He went berserk when we confronted him and threatened to beat us all,” Silence said.

Police in Nyatsime refused to comment on the matter, referring all questions to the national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi.

Nyathi said police would issue a statement when there was progress on the matter.

In a press statement released last week, Nyathi said evidence at hand pointed to a crime of passion.

Nyathi said Ali, in the company of her friend Mayironi, went to have drinks at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre and they tagged a dog.

At the shopping centre, Jambo, an ex-boyfriend of Ali allegedly approached them and told Ali that her dog was irritating him.

After being ignored by Ali, Jamba pulled out a catapult and aimed for the dog but struck Mayironi instead, Nyathi said.

Nyathi said: “Mayironi ran into the club to seek refuge. Pius Jamba then had a scuffle with Ali and dragged her into darkness.

“The two disappeared. All this was clearly witnessed by Mayironi who later went home in the company of Washington Mutsviri.” Standard


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