Sunday 19 June 2022


A CHIVI man lost his Honda Fit vehicle, 3 000 rands and US$270 to armed robbers that stormed into his house on Tuesday, shooting him and his wife in the process.

The incident occurred at around 1 pm on June 13 at Shokoni Business Centre at the home of Jerifanos Tsikira (69) and his wife Polite Tsikira (58) when five unknown men arrived at their home armed with two pistols.

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and urged the members of the public never to keep large sums of money at home or at the workplace.

“Five unknown men arrived at Tsikira’s home in which three of the accused armed with two pistols stormed into the house where Tsikira was sitting together with his wife and demanded cash.  Tsikira took US$30 from his pocket and handed it over to the robbers who demanded more.

“Tsikira did not comply to the order and was shot once on the right thigh and his wife was shot on the right ankle. Polite surrendered and handed over 3 000 rands and US$240 to the robbers. The robbers also took cell phones and a revolver from the Tsikira.”

Insp Dhewa said that the robbers fired three shots in the air and demanded keys to the Honda Fit before speeding off towards Chivi Growth Point. The matter was reported to ZRP Chivi police.

Meanwhile, at around 2 pm the same robbers, now armed with three pistols struck at PetroTrade again stealing various amounts of money at the fuel station.

“The robbers acted as if they wanted to refill the stolen Honda Fit at the station and demanded money from the petrol attended Reason Chigamba (50).  The robbers force-marched Chigamba to the office and took US$1 520 from the safe. They searched Chigamba and took US$60 from him and US$70, 100 rand and cell phones from other workers.”

A report was made to the police and the police quickly attended the scene. Upon seeing the police, the robbers sped off from the scene. Ins Dhewa urged members of the public never to resist ordered from armed robbers as it might result in loss of lives. Sunday News


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