Friday 17 June 2022


A FUMING woman approached the Mutare Civil Courts last week seeking a protection order against her husband, accusing him of failing to respect her privacy by going through her mobile phone and stalking her.

The matter appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

Shamiso Merekai said she was not comfortable with her husband, Patrick Mushunje’s invasion of her privacy by taking her phone and snooping on her messages.

She said this has become the source of their unending conflicts as Mushunje usually bumps on messages where she will be dissing him with her friends and relatives.

Merekai said after coming across the offensive messages, Mushunje throws her out of the house, even at night.

“He is in the habit of grabbing my phone and going through my conversations with my friends and relatives. He will insult or assault me after going through the conversations in my phone.

“Sometimes, he kicks me out of the house together with my toddler at night. He also calls my relatives names. We should solve our differences amicably and should not drag my relatives into our differences,” she said.

Merekai also complained that Mushunje is a violent drunkard who assaults her whenever he has one too many.

“Whenever we have a misunderstanding over the phone issue, he goes to the bar and come back stone drunk. He ruthlessly assaults me as if I am not his wife. I beg that the court protects me from this monster,” she said.

Mushunje confirmed that at times he invades his wife’s privacy.

“At one time she was away for a while and when she came back home, her phone was damaged. I had it fixed and took it to my workplace so that I could connect it to Wi-Fi for me to update the applications.

“The moment the messages in her phone started downloading, she grabbed the phone from me and deleted all the chats. That made me suspicious of her actions and from there, I have tried by all means to check her phone, but she never allows me access to it,” he said.

Mushunje also said as a married couple, there should be no secrets between them.

“She is the mother of my child and I love her. Her denying me access to her phone irritates me,” he said.

Asked on why she grabbed the phone and deleted the chats, Merekai said she did not want her husband to read them.

“I have some chats that I do not want him to see. Since I have no access to his phone, the same should also apply to him,” she said.

Mr Chipato ordered Mushunje not to harass, threaten, assault, insult and breach Merekai’s peace.

The order will be valid for five years.

Merekai also applied at the same court for $20 000 as maintenance for their child.

The $20 000 maintenance order was granted by consent. Manica Post


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