Wednesday 8 June 2022


THE trial of Insurance and Pensions Fund (Ipec) commissioner Grace Muradzikwa’s son, Kundai, accused of stealing US$32 000 and jewellery worth US$152 000 from his tenant was yesterday postponed to June 20.

The State filed for postponement saying the complainant, flamboyant businesswoman Luminitsa Kimberly Jemwa, recently suffered a miscarriage and could not stand cross examination.

Kundai faces charges of unlawful entry and stealing jewellery and the cash at Jemwa’s rented apartment.

Muradzikwa is the former Nicoz Diamond managing director.

Allegations were that Kundai took door keys from Jemwa’s maid and stolle the valuables.

Jemwa claims that she was threatened by Muradzikwa after she reported the matter to the police.

The court heard that Muradzikwa, who reportedly bragged that she was untouchable because of her links in the corridors of power, chased away Jemwa’s maid from the rented apartment, a key witness in the case also said.

“Kundai, the accused, was illegally released from cells  after her mother bragged about her being a commissioner  and threatened  to report the matter to the current Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner Godwin Matanga if the accused was not released from custody,” Jemwa said.

Lance Mutsokoti prosecuted. Newsday


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