Monday 20 June 2022


A HARARE man has approached the court after his girlfriend kicked him out of her home.

Denford Zumbika wanted to be allowed to return to live in Jessy Herry’s house despite never contributing anything.

He has also been described as being violent. Denford accused Jessy of being abusive and that she is barring him from accessing their “matrimonial home”.

He applied for a protection order against Jessy.

“She threw me out of the house where we used to stay together.

“She even threw my clothes outside and l had to reside with a friend hoping she would change her mind. We are not legally married because she refused, we always fight.

“She insults and assaults me, she also threatens to kill me.

“She is evicting me from her home, where we used to stay together and l don’t have anywhere to go.

“My prayer before this court is that l get to be reinstated in her home and that she stops fighting me,” said Denford.

In her defence, Jessy said: “I cannot take him back into my house because we do not co-exist and we are always fighting.

“He beat me and l acquired a  protection order here because of his violent conduct.

“At one point, he bit off one of my fingers and l was badly injured.

“I got him arrested and his parents came and pleaded for him and l dropped the charges. “He then went through counselling at the police station.”

She added: “I never threw him out of the house, instead he took some of my stuff and left on his own so everything he is saying are false allegations.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire dismissed Denford’s application for lack of merit.

He could not produce even a police report showing he had been abused. H Metro


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