Friday 10 June 2022


A 22-YEAR-OLD Chipinge man is battling for his life at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital in Mutare after he was given a thorough hiding by a prominent Chipinge businessman and polygamist for bedding his 18-year-old wife.

The businessman, Edmore ‘Doda’ Mwoyongwewenyu (42), is alleged to have gotten wind of his wife, Naume Makuyana’s illicit affair with Shepherd Makwenjere, who is stationed in Bulawayo.

Doda decided to trap the boyfriend.

The incident which happened on May 28th is now the talk of the farming town after the photographs and videos of a bashed Mukwenjere that were taken from his hospital bed at the provincial referral centre went viral on social media.

In one of the videos, the heavily battered Mukwenjere was having difficulties in narrating his ordeal at the hands of Mwoyongwewenyu and his hired goons.

Investigations by The Weekender revealed that the Chipinge businessman sweet-talked his wife into luring her boyfriend to come to Chipinge ostensibly for some quality time after discovering lurid messages in her phone.

To ensure that Makwenjere fell for the trap, Makuyana is reported to have sent him US$20 to cover his transport costs and the lover boy swallowed the invitation hook, line and sinker.

Makwenjere found himself hitch-hiking to Chipinge and in no time, he had landed in the farming town. Little did he know that he was in for the biggest shock of his life.

The Cupid struck Makwenjere headed straight to the proposed love nest – Mwoyongewenyu’s bedroom – where his ‘sweet-18 lover’ was waiting for him.

Witnesses say all hell broke loose as soon as Makwenjere started undressing as the goons mercilessly pounced on him. They handcuffed him before descending on him like a sledge hammer.

Mwoyongewenyu allegedly joined in thumbing the hapless lover boy and is also said to have pointed a firearm at him. Makwenjere is now nursing life threatening injuries.

In an interview with The Weekender from his hospital bed in Chipinge before he was transferred to Mutare, Makwenjere said he has been dating Makuyana for a year.

“I am a victim of circumstances. I first met this woman in a supermarket last year in May as she was buying some groceries. We talked and exchanged contact numbers. We continued communicating and eventually fell in love.

“Makuyana told me that she was single and that Mwoyongewenyu was her father. I was a regular visitor at their Chipinge home. I was shocked when Mwoyongewenyu and his guys attacked me saying I was having an affair with a married woman.

“About 10 guys thoroughly bashed me. I was rescued after Mwoyongwenyu phoned my colleagues stationed here in Chipinge to come and ferry me to the hospital,” said Makwenjere who was visibly in pain.

Mwoyongewenyu, a member of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church, has since been arrested and appeared in court last week facing attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm charges.

His two accomplices, Vincent Mapuranga (27) and Moses Mazuku (40) of Gaza suburb, also have a case to answer.

They were asked not to plead when they appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Mr Frankly Mkwanzi who remanded them out of custody to June 20 on $100 000 bail each.

Mr Langton Mhungu of Mhungu and Associates appeared for the accused persons.

Representing the State, Mr Timothy Katsande said on May 28, Mwoyongewenyu and his wife Makuyana lured the complainant to his house after suspecting that his wife was having an affair with Makwenjere.

“Makwenjere who was in Bulawayo where he works travelled after Makuyana sent him US$20 for transport after he had indicated that he could not come as he had no bus fare.

“After receiving the money, Makwenjere travelled to Chipinge and went straight to Mwoyongewenyu’s bedroom.

Mwoyongewenyu then stormed into the bedroom and quizzed the complainant on what he was doing with his wife.

“He allegedly pointed a pistol on Makwenjere and also handcuffed him. The complainant’s legs were tied before he was bludgeoned by a group of about 10 hired men who were armed with iron bars and baton sticks. Mukwenjere sustained serious injuries,” said Mr Katsande. Manica Post






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