Monday 13 June 2022


Sibongile and Costa during the confrontation

RISING gospel musician, Sibongile Maromo, owes her landlord about US$560 in rent arrears and bashed a real estate agent who had come to collect the dues.

The debt has accrued over four months. The incident occurred on Saturday when Costa Tavarera, 42, visited the premises in Southview where she was attacked by Sibongile, with the assistance of her son.

The assault case has been reported at Southview Police Post under RRB 5187777. He was assaulted with a cooking stick several times and H-Metro witnessed the drama.

“I was bashed by this lady several times while her son was slapping me insisting that I am just an agent so why was I pestering his mother over unpaid rentals?

“This family is violent, ignorant and ungodly and I wasn’t expecting such behaviour from a gospel singer, who is a member of a popular church, Zaoga,” he said.

Sibongile’s son grabbed Costa by the neck before pushing him down.

“Sibongile hit me and I sustained a swollen right hand elbow. I was even offered sex as payment for rentals but I refused.  I am still failing to understand why the son acted in such a manner since he claims that he is a lawyer,” said Costa.

Contacted for comment, the 47-year-old singer said she doesn’t know about the debt.

“I do talk with the agent, I give the rentals to him but I don’t know about that debt.

“I am planning to move out, I beg you not to publish those videos, I am employed by Fidelity Life Assurance as an executive financial advisor,” she said.

On the day in  question, she confronted the H-Metro crew threatening unspecified action.

“I don’t care that you are from H-Metro, what do you want here, we will mobilise people and hit you.

“Urikamba iwe hauna imba, vaka yako.

“I will hit you if you enter inside.”

In another interview, Sibongile’s son said: “Costa refused to collect US$150 as my mother wanted to settle the debt. Yes, we fought.”

One of the neighbours, identified as Murape, said:

“This house is under the custody of Costa.

“The owner is an elderly woman, who is not feeling well umm, it’s a bad situation. Sibongile’s sister was recently evicted for not paying rentals by this agent.

“But now they have teamed up, hahahaha, he was thoroughly bashed,” said the neighbour.

The owner, identified only as Malaba, confirmed that the house is under a trustee and they appointed Costa to look after the property.

“Costa was beaten up by the tenants, that house is under a trustee and Costa is the appointed person to take care of everything, he has powers to deal with tenants,” she said. H Metro


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