Monday 20 June 2022


FORMER Dynamos organising secretary, Seth Chigogora, says he is lucky to be alive after he was held hostage for about NINE hours by some carjackers in Johannesburg.

The businessman, who has been based in South Africa for some time now, was attacked as he waited for the traffic lights to clear him to pass.

He lost his Toyota Quantum and has been struggling to deal with the trauma inflicted by the incident in which he claims escaped death by a whisker.

“For about nine hours I was held hostage by a group of dangerous and heavily armed robbers and, throughout the ordeal, I could tell things could turn horribly wrong for me.

“I kept praying that let them not kill me violently and they should leave my body where it can be found so that my family and friends can get a chance to give me a proper goodbye.

“The incident happened on May 31 but I have only found the courage to speak about it now because I have been struggling with nightmares since that day.

“The robbers were taking drugs and their mood was darkening quickly and they kept talking to some other guys, on the phone, who probably were their bosses.

“They were arguing, at times, with those at the other end of the line and I can understand Zulu and now and again they would talk about the possibility of killing me.

“They took the car and they took all my bank cards, asked for the pin numbers but I did not have a substantial sum of money in any of my bank accounts.

“It’s something which angered them more and that’s when I began to fear for my life.”

Chigogora, who also had a stint as the Dynamos team manager, also owns a farm in South Africa which he usually uses as a retreat for Zimbabweans based in that country. He once hosted the likes of Tauya Murewa, Elasto Lungu, the late Butler Masango and the late Charles Yohane at his farm.

Ironically, Yohane was killed after a carjacking incident in Johannesburg.

“When you read about it you don’t get the true picture of what happens in these carjacking incidents,” he told H-Metro.

“But when it happens to you, that’s when you realise that it’s something which no one should ever experience.

“It’s the worst nightmare you can live through, especially when they detain you and you are at their mercy, things might go wrong very quickly.

“I was eventually released in the evening, after having been abducted in the morning, and I was blindfolded and told not to turn back but keep walking.

“You know, that’s quite terrifying because you will be thinking maybe they just want to finish me off.”

Last week, Willard Katsande revealed he was dealing with the trauma inflicted by a hijacking incident in Johannesburg.

It came just 10 months after the Zimbabwean midfielder was left with injuries and had his SUV vehicle damaged after being assaulted during a road rage incident on the West Rand in Johannesburg.

Tuesday’s incident happened at Southgate Mall.

Katsande’s vehicle was later recovered in Eldorado Park by a tracking company, however with extensive damage. H Metro


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