Tuesday 17 May 2022


RAPPER Kikky Bad*** has lashed out at sex predators who are exploiting young women and girls.

The rapper said it was high time these predators faced the music as they violate the lives of young women.

 “I feel that people in the industry know the child predators, guys who like young women or girls but they do not say it,” she said.

“They are quiet and they know what is happening, they see it.

“They do not hold their friends accountable, their acquaintances, their brothers, they do not. They should hold their friends accountable.

“Fellow artists can start by speaking out against their own friends, just because someone is your friend and sleeping with someone younger does not mean you have to be quiet about it.

“If those same people were to go after your sister, or your daughter, you would not be that quiet.

“Let people speak out, let these fellow artists do the right thing.”

The rapper believes if people take a stand they could make a difference.

“People are supposed to speak out and take a stand,” she said.

“I will never back down in as far as sexual abuse is concerned.

“I am a woman and I will probably give birth to a woman and it is my duty to hold my brothers or friends accountable.”

She said people have to learn to be honest with themselves.

“My brothers and male friends know that I will never allow them to treat women in a certain type of way because they are men, I will call them out.

“People should be true to themselves because if we are being honest, I doubt that things like these will continue happening if these predators go after your family, you would not be quiet now, would you?

“We are all Zimbabweans, we are family, take that young girl as your sister,” Kikky said.

According to Kikky, there was a need to educate the girl child on issues that have to do with abuse.

“I think we can start by teaching these girls from primary school that it is not normal for a person who is older than them to even try to sleep with them.

“They are supposed to indulge in such activities when the time is right and not because they are being forced to do so.

“Raising awareness in schools, especially primary and high schools, is an important step into helping women or young women not to be abused.”

“There is also a need to educate men and young boys on how they are supposed to treat women or young girls.

“I also think it is best to also teach the guys because I feel like the whole point of raising awareness should not only be for women and young girls, it should also be for men and young boys.

“They should be taught on how to treat women, they should know that it is not okay to forcefully impose themselves sexually on a woman.

“I feel like the responsibility has always been put on the woman – ‘make sure that you are always vigilant’, so what about the guys?

“Who is teaching them how to treat women right?

“I feel like that is a very important step that needs to be taken.” H Metro


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