Monday 23 May 2022


THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is set to acquire a vehicle mounted borehole rig which will be used to drill boreholes within the company’s stations so as to help reduce water bills and regular supply of water to workers.

The rig which will drill up to a depth of 300 metres will also be outsourced to the general public. An official said the specialised work unit will target to drill boreholes for workstations and residential quarters, at the same time eliminating an estimated $7 million per month water consumption bill.

NRZ spokesperson Mr Martin Banda said the objective of the company was to become a leader in the borehole drilling services and provide high quality services for its target markets.

“The vision of the unit is to be the leader in the provision of borehole drilling services in Zimbabwe, the unit will commit to its service charter which will be aimed at ensuring high quality services for its target markets in providing cost effective sustainable water supply solution.

The target market is wide and varied from internal to external customers borehole drilling and installation services across Zimbabwe.

The scope is quite vast given that the changes in climate has led to a general reduction in annual rainfall, hence most of the communities in Zimbabwe are in need of clean ground water and there is potential for the unit to generate profit with good marketing of the services,” said Mr Banda.

He said the parastatal’s objectives was to drill 20 boreholes for NRZ operations in one year, and to increase the number of boreholes drilled for customers by 20 percent annually.

“It is worth noting that the estimated cost to drill boreholes will be equal to US$70  000, while the expected monthly saving after drilling 20 boreholes would be equal to $6,99m, furthermore, while the council water will be for emergencies, borehole water is to be sourced through drilling boreholes, ” he said. Sunday News


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