Friday 27 May 2022


 When a businessman from Montrose suburb in Bulawayo stumbled on a bottle containing partially burnt US$200 he did not imagine it was umuthi to destroy his business and marriage.

After a couple of weeks of the strange sight of the bottle his grocery shops dotted around the city started to record low sales and that caused him a lot of stress.

He opened the bottle and noticed that the money inside had faint drops of blood and that escalated his worry and fears.

The businessman requested not to be named as he opened up to B-Metro.

“After I stumbled across a bottle containing burnt US$200 with spots of blood in one of my shops, sales at my shops started to go down and that caused me much stress,” he said.

As if that was not enough, he was forced to close one of his shops.

“I failed to pay rent for one of my shops and I could not take money from other struggling shops to save this one, due to that my wife and I agreed that we have to close it,” he added.

The distraught businessman said in the midst of that his marriage developed cracks as he and his wife were always at each other’s throats.

“When the business started facing problems my wife and I would argue and fight.

And that nearly caused our marriage to collapse,” he said.

He sought help from a traditional healer but that did not help the dire situation. traditional healer

Now at his wits’ end, his friend chipped in and advised him to seek divine intervention from Prophet Shelton Sibanda, popularly known as Prophet Sheltons.

He never knew that it was to be the restoration of his business and marriage.

“I’m grateful that after the man of God (Prophet Sheltons) prayed for me, my business and my marriage were restored.

I can safely say my shops are now performing well and we have re-opened the one we had closed,” he said.

When reached for a comment Prophet Sheltons said: “We burnt the cursed money and destroyed the bottle.

We then prayed for him and his shops for divine protection.” B Metro


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