Thursday 12 May 2022


A HARARE man could not find proper reasons to divorce his wife after he had started another family.

He then put alcoholic substances into the honey, which his wife was selling as a way of earning money for herself, to trigger their divorce. This came to light when Joice Mavangira approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against Christopher Mavangira.

She said: “I am praying for a peace order for my husband pending our divorce as he is moving out end of May.

“He was having an extra marital affair and he has a baby with that lady so he started acting up so that l can get frustrated and live on my own.

“I planted my sugar beans so l was drying them on the driveway and l left a space for him to park his car but he intentionally ran over them and my children were shocked with his behaviour. He then started to add water in my honey that l sell or he would put lizards in my honey.

“The time l was really frustrated was when he poured alcoholic stuff and he is the only one who drinks alcohol in our house so l had to take it to the CID for testing l am still waiting for the results.

“He gave me the divorce papers and we are waiting for it to be finalised but; the meantime, l need to be protected as he insults and assaults me.

“At one time he assaulted me on the head; l am not safe and he might as well put poison in our food.”

In response Christopher said: “I am not opposing to the granting of a peace order but l pray that it may be granted as a reciprocal order.

“I am denying the allegations of me assaulting her. Instead, she is the one who provokes me most of the time. I did run over the sugar beans but it was because she had used the whole driveway and l couldn’t park my car outside the gate.

“We have children and a maid at home but why is she accusing me of poisoning her honey?’’

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the protection order but not a reciprocal order. H Metro


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