Thursday 26 May 2022


KUDAKWASHE Mahachi has returned to Zimbabwe but has gone into hiding as he is terrified over the possibility of reprisals from people who are convinced that he scalded his four-year-old son with boiling water resulting in him suffering third-degree burns.

Mahachi denies the allegations and has engaged a law firm, Tanaka Law Chambers to clear his name.

He says the minor was harmed after he left his custody.

According to a reliable source, Mahachi has been in Zimbabwe for close to a week now, but does not want people to know of his whereabouts as he is convinced that mob justice could be meted on him.

Zimbabweans, on various social media platforms, made clear their agitation at Mahachi and his wife, Rose Tatenda Mahachi, who they blame for severe burns that have seen the minor admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital for a month now.

Attempts to interview Mahachi were abortive as he was not answering his phone.

He also did not respond to WhatsApp texts.

Mahachi’s lawyer, Nkosiyabo Sibanda of Tanaka Law Chambers, could neither confirm nor deny that his client had returned home.

Mahachi’s lawyer, Nkosiyabo Sibanda of Tanaka Law Chambers

“I cannot confirm or deny that.  I choose not to respond to that question for security reasons.

What I can tell you is that Mahachi is safe and awaits his day in court.

I will not say more,” said Sibanda.

Mahachi, the source reveals, reluctantly returned home at the behest of his club SuperSport United, who suspended him and “advised him to attend to his family and the allegations against him”.

“He was not going to return home if his club had not cleared him.

He was going to leave all matters to his lawyers.

But now he has no choice, in order to save his career, he had to come home and face the music.

But he is very upbeat and believes that he will win the case in court,” said the source. B Metro



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