Friday 20 May 2022


WHEN you think you have seen it all, life throws more bizarre events to your face.

A family from Nkulumane 12 suburb in Bulawayo which was visiting their father’s grave at West Park Cemetery was left horrified and disgusted after spotting a randy couple romping on top of their father’s grave.

The incident which took place on Sunday last week comes two months after another brazen couple was also busted at the same cemetery enjoying each other among the dead.

A family member who didn’t want to be named described the incident as shameful and labelled the randy couple as “disgusting creatures”.

“When we visited West Park Cemetery on Sunday afternoon to see our father’s grave, we were left disturbed when we found two people having sex on top of his grave. The half-naked woman was lying on her back with her legs in the air with her lover on top of her.

“We were so horrified that we wanted to beat up the couple before they ran away. It was really a disgrace and dogs wouldn’t behave like that.

They were however, lucky that I had left my phones in the car otherwise I would have filmed their shameful act,” said a family member.

The family member who blamed the Bulawayo City Council for failing to maintain cemeteries to the required standards said the couple decided to use the cemetery as their love nest taking advantage of the restful atmosphere, tall grass and shrubs covering some parts of the grave yard.

“Although it’s a public place and not proper to keep people out of it sex is not appropriate behaviour for a cemetery. It’s very disrespectful to do it on someone’s grave. Their behaviour was wholly inappropriate and it left us absolutely appalled,” said the family member.

A caretaker who refused to be named as he was not cleared to speak to the Press said similar cases of couples, especially schoolchildren having sex in the cemeteries had been on the rise in the past few years.

“Cemeteries are popular spots for lovers especially schoolchildren. People are going there to have sex because the place is secluded and quiet.

This is despite the fact that they will be disrespecting the family of the people that are buried there. This immoral practice worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic.” B Metro


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